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Hardware Range

Yale Keyfree

Think of a number – any number that you would like to use as a personalised PIN code Key it in to your digital lock, or alternatively use your “remote fob” to gain access to your home, it really is that easy when you install a digital lock. With the combined manufacturing expertise of Doorstop and Yale this is a lock that has been designed to make life easier for everyone without any compromising of personal security.

Yale Digital Rim Lock

Touch screen technology combined with the practical applications of a typical rim lock is exactly what you get when you install the Yale Digital Rim lock, the lock functions in the tried and tested manner but the key is gone to be replaced by a touch screen. The days of leaving your keys at home are gone, all you have to remember is your PIN number a number that you allow access to only those you know and trust. This is a lock that is designed to protect your home from unwanted visitors but also to take away those stressful moments when you are caught thinking “where did I put my keys”

Stainless Style

Stainless steel – a material that will stand the test of time, it does not rust or pit and it will look as good in years to come as it does today which is why it has been used for such hardwearing applications as the manufacture of cutlery. Stainless steel has a new use it is now available as a superb range of door furniture which not only has the benefits of longevity of use and being almost maintenance free – it also looks good. Choose stainless steel furniture in either chrome or gold for your doorstop door and it will always look good and our range is so extensive that you can find the perfect style of numbers, knockers, and handles without compromising on enduring strength

Fab & Fix furniture

Fab & Fix furniture fabulous and unique in the original Chrome, Gold and Black they look good but now there is a new option available Graphite Grey, a colour that perfectly complements the more exotic of our door colour range, the Chartwell Greens, the Creams and the Anthracite Greys. All of our Fab & Fix range are Hardex Electro matt or brush finish, a finish which has been proven to perform well beyond traditional industry normal standards.